he Dog Boarder


Bark Break

Currently our puppies are on a bark break, and we are not taking on any new clients as the moment.  When that changes we will update the Website.

We are dog lovers

We treat your dogs, like our dogs,

with love, and compassion...

We do not "Our family has always had dogs, I guess thats just who we are, we are dog people.  We love to play with them, care for them, and just snuggle with them".   We promise to treat your pups as well as we treat ours, and ours are pretty spoiled.  


We mainly work from home, so we are here most of the time around the clock.  This allows us to to be with the pups most of the time. We let them play outside in our two backyards or just relax, its up to them.


We do not cage, or kennel the dogs, unless you do. Somethings its for the best, we understand.


We specialize in long-term, high-end boarding.  We have had pups for over two months. We administer all medications if needed, and will take care of our furry friends special dietary needs.  We do not accept large intimidating canines 



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